Fast Track Graphic Novel

Graphic Novel, Märchen und mehr mit dem Thermodrucker

A stimulus from the teaching practice in the field of visual culture and commodity aesthetics as well as art education with the thermal printer. The article asks about consumer culture practice, and gives ideas on how using the thermal printer and graphic novels (photo-stories) to teach the basics of perspective and camera settings with methods of journalism in combination with primary education themes like fairy tales.

With the term “Fast Track Graphic Novel” I wanted to introduce a new term that, on the one hand, reflects the fast pace of the medium of photography and the thermal printer, and on the other hand describes the expressive qualities of the medium.

There is a new way to convey art education between digital and analogue techniques. An interface that can be linked through application with art education or classical techniques, such as monotype.

Keywords: Graphic Novel; Photography; Thermal (POS)Printer; Art Education; Digital; Analog

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