The Contribution of Art Education to Educational TransitionsIntroduction This study deals with educational transitions. Research on transitional education has recently been established as an important contribution to pedagogy. One example is the transition model according to Griebel and Niesel (2011), which is particularly relevant throughout elementary pedagogy, primary school, secondary school, university and even during the early phases of professionalization. In order to work, transition education requires the development of new concepts and cooperation from all involved. Transition processes comprise various levels. Initially, we can distinguish the level of the individual student, the interactional level and the contextual level of institutional and other frameworks. We will mostly rely on ,& !#1 ’!+’ “A! #E ‚BB& AGF&’F&!AE
(PDF) The Contribution of Art Education to Educational Transitions JOURNAL OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. Available from: [accessed May 27 2020].